Jashim Salam is an internationally renowned freelance photojournalist, documentary photographer, photo editor, educator and curator. He graduated in photography from Pathshala, The South Asian institute of Photography and Media Academy. He also studied a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Journalism through a scholarship program of World Press Photo at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ) at Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines.

Jashim Salam is a nominator of World Press Photo 6X6 Global Talent Program.

Represented by ZUMA press (USA), The Rout Gallery (Netherlands), He also worked for New Age (an English daily of Bangladesh), DrikNews, Demotix, Drik images, Majority World, Nur Photo Agency, and Corbis Images.

He has been covering wide range of photographic assignments for national and international press, magazine, news agency, NGO, iNGO, corporates, industrial, media and many development and charitable organizations for last 16 years. He has been teaching in photography workshops and seminars for aspiring young photographers regularly and also a mentor to many photographers all over the world.


Work Experience


Contract Photojournalist

ZUMA Press (USA)

May 2013 – Present

Responsibilities: Research in visual content/ concepts, covering wide range of social, human rights and environmental issues in Bangladesh.



The Rout Gallery (Netherlands)

June 2018 – Present



The Daily New Age (Dhaka)


Responsibilities: Covering wide range of news, stories, daily events, fashion and cultural programs.


Photographer, Advisor, Editor

Pixelated World Studio

September 2013 – present, NY, USA

Responsibilities: Intensive photo research including wedding, corporate, commercial, advertising, lifestyle, products, food, industrial, portraits and film stills for respective clients.

– Focus is on visual content strategy and photo editing
passion is in visual storytelling: concepts / workflow / production



The Compelling image

December 2018 – present


– Focus is on students visual content and how to develop their photography skills.
passion is in visual storytelling: concepts / workflow / production
– Aim is to bridge visual storytelling  idea and execution for the students.

-intensive research and given materials for individual students according their skills.

– One to one review for each student and assignment based teaching method.
Founding Director

Absurd Photos

July 2014 – Present, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Responsibilities: Intensive photo research including corporate, commercial, advertising, lifestyle, products, food, industrial, portraits and film stills for respective clients.

– Policy making for the company.

– Focus is on visual content strategy and photo editing
passion is in visual storytelling: concepts / workflow / production
– Aim is to bridge visual storytelling to the best technologies and truly ethical brands
Obtained usage rights from stock agencies and photographers
– Set up studio booking for in house photo shoots and location shoots



Drik images (Dhaka)

Majority World (UK)


Responsibilities: Representing positive Bangladesh photographically and contribute

Stock images for calendar, magazine and various publications.









Alumni: The Eddie Adams Workshop EAW 32


Judge / Jury member


  • Nominator World Press Photo 6X6 Global Talent Program.
  • Curator the FotoEvidence @fotoevidencepressnyc, July 2020.
  • Curator @everydayeverywhere part of everyday project, June 2020.
  • Jury of the IPPA iphone photographer of the year contest in New York, July 2019.
  • Jury of photo contest organized by Global Grace, May 2019.
  • Jury of The international photojournalist contest ASE international photo awards in Moscow, February 2019.
  • Judge at “Break the circle, season-8” international photography contest and exhibition organized by International Islamic University of Bangladesh, November 2018.
  • Judge at “Beyond the horizon” photography contest and exhibition organized by Chittagong Medical College students union, September 2018.
  • Judge, advisor at CUET photography society “Catch the light,season-2” international photography contest and exhibition, September 2018.
  • Judge, advisor at CUET photography club national photography contest, exhibition and youth festival in Chittagong, March 2018.
  • Judge, advisor at CUET photography club national photography contest, exhibition and festival in Chittagong, November 2016.
  • Curated photography exhibition Voyage of Visuals at Drik Gallery, Dhaka, October,2015.
  • Judge and curator at Chittagong University /Nikon “Let’s see the Unseen- II” National photography contest and exhibition in Chittagong, November 2015.
  • Judge at International Islamic University of Bangladesh International photography contest and exhibition in Dhaka, July 2015.
  • Judge at ESAB-BUET “KEEP THE BLUE SAFE”A photography contest Exhibition on the Rivers of Bangladesh, March 2015.
  • Judge at Stamford university national photo contest in Dhaka, December 2014.
  • Judge at Voyage of Visuals a National photo contest organized by BUET photographic society in Dhaka, October 2014.
  • Judge at 7up National photo contest in Dhaka, July 2014.
  • Judge, advisor at Asian University for women (AUW) International photo carnival in Chittagong, 2013.


Awards and Grants

  • British Journal of Photography Open Walls Arls winner,2020 (France)
  • Climate Tracker Award, 2019
  • Grand Prize, Photographer Of The Year, IPPA, 2018 (USA)
  • Award from Life press photo,2015 (Ukrain)
  • 2nd place, Mosco foto awards, 2014 (Moscow,Russia)
  • 2nd spotlight Fotovisura grant, 2013 (NY,USA)
  • Grand prize IPA street photography award, 2012 (SIngapore)
  • Gold prize 3rd Asian Press Photo contest, 2012 (China)
  • 1st prize in Emirates photography award, 2011 (Abu Dhabi,UAE)
  • 2nd prize in people and planet contest, 2011 (Australia)
  • Ian Parry scholarship (Commended), 2011 (London,UK)
  • 2nd prize people and planet award, 2011 ( Australia)
  • YPPA photojournalism award, 2011 (South Korea)
  • Garuda international photo award, 2010 (indonesia)
  • FCCT photojournalism award, 2011 (Thailand)
  • International Biodiversity award, 2010
  • Humanity Photo award, 2009,2011 (China)
  • Ashahi Shimbun award, 2008 (Japan)



  • Exhibition in Arls, France — 2020
  • Solo Exhibition in Schwieberdingen, Germany – 2017
  • Solo Exhibition in Weltzer, Germany – 2017
  • Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil – 2017
  • M.K. Ciurlionis National Museum of Art in Kaunas Photo Festival, Lithuania-2017
  • Exhibition in Manila, Philippines -2016
  • Exhibition at Berlin Parliament, Germany -2015
  • United Nation 70 exhibition by Dysturb in Paris, France -2015
  • Exhibition at Visa Pour L ‘image, Perpignan, France – 2015
  • Exhibition at Gazebook Festival in Sicily, Italy – 2015
  • Exhibition at Bayeux, France as part of the 22nd edition of the Prix Bayeux-Calvados des Correspondants de Guerre -2015
  • Visa Pour L ‘Image, Ian Parry Scholarship 25th Year Retrospective exhibition, Perpignan, France – 2014
  • Photoville festival in New York – 2013
  • HIPA exhibition Dubai-2012
  • Atrium of the Town Hall, The Hague, Netherlands – 2012
  • Glarus, Switzerland -2012
  • The Getty Images Gallery, London-2011
  • Maison Familiale Pro Juventute, Geneva,Switzerland-2011
  • Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand-2011
  • United Nations, New York-2011
  • Gallery Oslo 8,Basel-2011
  • Zentrum Karl der Grosse, Kirchgasse-2011
  • Forum de l’Hôtel de Ville, Lausanne-2011
  • The National Theatre, Abu Dhabi-2011.
  • Gallery of the French Alliance Foundation Paris, France-2011.
  • The Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan – 2010.
  • The Rotch Library Gallery at Massachusetts, USA-2010
  • Garuda exhibition,Jakarta, Indonesia- 2010
  • Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, USA-2010.
  • China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA), Guangzhou-2009.


Books and Publications

  • Washington Post
  • New York Times
  • WWF
  • British Journal of Photography
  • The Sunday Times Magazine
  • Lensblog. NY Times
  • Newsweek
  • Wall Street Journal
  • NPR
  • The Telegraph
  • New Internationalist
  • Reporters without Borders
  • The Guardians
  • Huffpost
  • Forbes
  • BBC
  • The Sun
  • Observer
  • CNN
  • Global Magazine
  • Harpar Bazar Magazine
  • Royal Photographic Society
  • 27 eyes on Sylhet
  • Photographs magazine
  • observers.france24
  • The Weather Channel
  • One world calendar
  • Photoworld Magazine
  • Dodho Magazine
  • Helvetas
  • Rider’s Digest
  • Himal South Asian
  • M&M Modeling Magazine
  • Better Photography
  • The Climate Crisis
  • SUR international
  • Garuda Indonesia Magazine
  • National Geographic
  • Reuters
  • AP
  • Zuma press
  • SIPA press
  • Demotix
  • Photojournale
  • Corbis images
  • Nur photo agency
  • Forum Magazine, Daily Star, New Age, Prothom Alo, New Nations and many others.


Mentors and Workshop

  • Eddie Adams Workshop XXXII – 2019
  • Mary Anne Golon, Washington Post Director of Photography Portfolio review – 2019
  • Olivier Laurent, Washington Post photo editor, portfolio review-2019
  • Brent Lewis, New York Times photo editor, portfolio review – 2019
  • Elizabeth Cheng Krist, National Geographic editor, portfolio review – 2019
  • Graham Morrison, Bloomberg editor, portfolio review – 2019
  • Carol Guzy : 4 times Pulitzer winner photojournalists /Zuma press, portfolio review-2019
  • Swapan Parekh, story telling workshop – 2015
  • Jodi Bieber, storytelling -2013
  • James Estrin, New York times photo editor, portfolio review – 2013
  • Patrick Witty, Time Magazine picture editor, portfolio review – 2013
  • Morten Krogvold, Aesthetics of photography – 2011
  • Stuart freedman, Collaborative workshop between Pathshala & Oslo University College-2010
  • Raghu Rai, ‘Portfolio review’ -2009
  • “Middle class of Bangladesh” workshop by Roman Bezjak,-2009.
  • Photojournalism workshop conducted by Per Anders Rosenkvist-2009.
  • “Portrait of Chittagong” workshop by Norbert Enker -2009.



  • WWF
  • Water Aid UK
  • Heinrich Bauer Verlag
  • BRAC
  • Cotopaxi, USA
  • KFW Development Bank, Germany
  • MOAS eu
  • Helvetas, Switzerland.
  • Xchange
  • IMad iMaginations & ASB Communications, New York
  • South Asian American Association. Inc (SAAAI) ,New York
  • World Bank
  • British American Tobacco
  • NETZ
  • ILO
  • Microsoft
  • Hollandse Hoogte BV
  • Fair Trade Fund/Slavery Footprint)
  • Odyssey Networks
  • Simon Duckworth
  • Capstone Global Library Ltd
  • WIEF Malaysia
  • DanielFue
  • Simon Duckworth
  • Scanpix DK (Magazine)
  • Times online
  • Scanpix Norge (NIKK)
  • Kika Press
  • Corbis Images
  • Majority world
  • Drik Picture agency
  • M&M magazine
  • Garuda Indonesia Magazine
  • Heinrich Bauer Verlag